Galerie Fons Welters is pleased to present the first exhibition of the American artist Patty Chang in The Netherlands. On January 15th, during the opening of the exhibit, Chang will hold a performance in the gallery. She will also be showing photographs and videos.

Patty Changs' work is confrontational and at times even disturbing. Questions encircling taboos are asked or, rather, are introduced, shown, though devoid of the objective to supply the (right) answers. It's not about right and wrong anymore: we’ve come a long way since “you’ve come a long way, baby.” 
Her work touches on aspects of femininity, its cliched social image, and, more specifically, the duty it demands and consequently the role it affects. Chang confronts the spectator with a 'story' and/or a material, bodily, situation wherein she plays the leading and only role. 
Either in a staged photograph or a video, she presents a situation which induces in the viewer a process of physical identification. Without preaching or holding up a finger of blame, it's tough and confident freed from any twinge of self-righteousness.

Still of Fountain, 1999, SD Video, 6 Minutes.