From December 2nd until the 30th, Playstation III will be host to an exhibition initiated by Yasmijn Karhof (1974), Lucas Lenglet (1972), Govinda Mens (1976) and Nicky Zwaan (1971), 4 artists recently graduated from the Rietveld academy.

SKYLARKING is not a group show in the traditional sense of the word; plainly said: this group of 4 was formed before the curator got there and this group of 4 was invited - as a whole - to exhibit the sequel to their initial exhibition (also entitled SKYLARKING) in Playstation. Karhof, Lenglet, Mens and Zwaan, however, do not see themselves as an artist's group nor as a floating artist's co-operative, they are 4 individual artists who came together with the will to create a joint exhibition. Naturally, an affinity towards one another's work has been a basis for the joint venture but the end result is neither a perfect symbiosis nor a collection of separate pieces. It hangs (literally) somewhere in between.

SKYLARKING - both part I and II - is conditioned by a dramatic intervention in spatial makeup, one whereby the architectural limitations of the original room are used but also altered to recreate a new, but still recognizable space. Within this parallel space, a 'route' is thought out by the makers, not one marked by a motivation to physically manipulate the viewer, but one, instead, which offers a kind of concentration, or, better said, a kind of condition or circumstance in which the viewer is given a (new) space to investigate, experience and concentrate upon. It is a complete experience, a total space, built up out of raw elements, which are allowed to be just that, raw.

[Maxine Kopsa]