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12 May - 18 June
Opening Thursday 12 May, 5-9 PM

Amsterdam Art Week special opening times:
Thursday 12 May: 1 - 9 PM
Friday 13 May: 12 - 6 PM
Saturday 14 May: 12 - 6 PM
Sunday 15 May: 12 - 5 PM

Olga Balema (Ukraine, 1984) is an artist who currently lives in New York. She makes sculptures. One of the major concerns of her work is form, another material. Another is paying attention to where and how things go into a space. Sometimes the work can be called site respondent, other times it responds only to itself. The works shown during Amsterdam Art Week will consist of large flat sculptures, continuing a form she most recently developed in her show Computer at Camden Art Center in London.
In his work, Win McCarthy (United States, 1986) explores the dialectical relationships between subjects like the city and the citizen, the friend and the stranger, or the present and the past. McCarthy’s work often testifies to the paradoxical emptiness one can experience in a metropolis, amidst large numbers of people. Busy intersections within a city become symbols for roads where past and present intersect. The space that someone occupies has significance on both a physical and social level since structures of urban planning and architecture are reflections of ideas about social positions such as socio-economic class, gender and sexuality.