Christy Groen & Sabina Lăpteanu 
28 Oct – 23 Dec

Galerie Fons Welters presents the work of two recently graduated artists. Christy Groen presents a series of sculptural light machines together with recent paintings, Sabina Lăpteanu exhibits several of her Dream of Water paintings.

Christy Groen (1991, The Netherlands) recently graduated from the Frank Mohr Instituut, Groningen. It was at the Frank Mohr Instituut that she started working with the screen as a subject. By analyzing the screen and extracting certain elements, Christy Groen tries to gain a deeper understanding of what a screen actually is and how it manages to mesmerise us so much. A screen shows us things that are not really there. Behind the image on the screen, countless tiny pixels shine, working together to evoke it. In her exploration of the material properties of the screen, Groen focuses on the unseen particles that make the image and enchantment possible.

Sabina Lăpteanu (2000, Moldova) recently graduated from HKU Utrecht Fine Arts and is currently studying painting at the Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig. Sabina Lăpteanu paints traces left by humans in nature. Their loneliness and longing are reflected in hills, water and flowers. In her work Lăpteanu looks for a balance between the known environment and the environment of the new, that occasionally intersect each other and bring a vague feeling of familiarity.